GRACE: 3 Keys to Embracing a State of Grace

How many of us walking on the planet lately are experiencing a gnawing on our insides, an uneasiness just below the surface of our consciousness?  Of course, this chasm ...
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Trusting TRUST

Trusting TRUST There are unforgettable moments that come to us, offering a chance to reset, an opportunity to step into new focus. The total solar eclipse sweeping across the US ...
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“Acceptance” featured in Pathe Magazine

Click the image below to view the article in its entirety: michael 1 and 2 copy ...
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Stop The Killing

STOP THE KILLING! This is IMPORTANT! I recently underwent a life-altering Divine experience during which I was given the responsibility of bringing forward a message, not simply for ...
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Discernment: An Essential Competency for Masterful Leadership

 “Judge me by the enemies I have made.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Effective leadership demands more than rote acceptance of rules, guidelines, ...
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Understanding Millennials: 5 Methods to Engage and Harness!

What’s up with the millennial generation? For years, I toiled with understanding this younger generation and their exceptional talents. Finding an inroad to harness their unique voice and spirit ...
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Uncovering the Real Man: 5 Myths

Paradoxically, what has come to characterize true masculinity is anything but! Take for instance strength and courage, two attributes concretely demonstrating manly fortitude. How one qualitatively describes strength and ...
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Understanding our Divinity:

5 Acts of Empowerment via the Christ Path

Growing up a Roman Catholic in the 60s, I recall priests and nuns cajoling in my aunt’s living room, sipping ...
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Where to find LOVE?

7 Reasons to use eHarmony!

Last time I checked, half of marriages in the US still end in divorce. My own painful experiences strongly support statistical percentages. ...
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AUTHENTICITY- The Competitive Edge

5 Reasons to be REAL

At Illuminate AMbitions, our logo includes the statement, “Bring your I AM into the Light,” signifying the heart of our work. Embedded in ...
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5 Myths About FEAR

Fear has prevented me from living true to myself and from taking prudent risks. But fear is a broad catchall for other negative emotions. ...
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Is the Divine Masculine or Feminine? Five Ways to EQUALIZE the Playing Field

Tuning into the recent Women’s World Cup competition stirred my soul, prompting me to reflect on how despairingly unjust our world is when it comes to the beauty, intelligence, ...
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Vulnerability: Four Reasons to Drop Your Guard

Not unlike others, I have struggled throughout my life with an undercurrent of ‘not enough;’ not enough money, time, fun, relaxation, love, sex, friendship, and on it goes. Concurrently, ...
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Parenting is not for the faint-of-heart! In my experiences as a father in a blended family, what I may have anticipated as issues and challenges played out in surprising ...
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Gay Marriage: A Question of Light vs. Dark

Which do you choose? This past week brought with it a myriad of major news stories catalyzing topics that clearly demonstrate a polarity of opinion, belief and choice from our ...
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(Throwing away your watch! Showing up for your life! Time is not what you think!)

Time to rise, time to act, time to get going, time to leave, ...
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Wake Up and Smell the Hot Chocolate

In a scene from House of Cards, First Lady, Claire Underwood, is going door to door for her husband’s campaign. She meets a woman holding a baby in her ...
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To Be or Not To Be

“And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”                                                 -Lennon and McCartney

The act of being is quite beautifully the trick to ...
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The Secret Ingredient to Successful Relationships

Ok, so you have arrived at the conclusion that people are simply out of their minds, insensitive and completely self-absorbed. And yes, at times you may want to live ...
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Turn On Your Love Light

What happens when you turn your light on? No, not the light switch in your bedroom, living room or kitchen, but the light within. Are you aware that you ...
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Sadness has turned to ANGER. The vivid memories of walking across the Safeway parking lot at the corner of Ina and Oracle in Tucson, Arizona, on a sunlit morning of ...
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What is Truth?

On the eve of Father’s Day 2015, I wrestle with my role as father in continuing to espouse and advocate principles and practices that provide a model for my ...
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