Like you, conscious leadership expert, visionary author, inspirational speaker, and transformational coach, Michael Bianco-Splann has witnessed an evolving world demanding new and innovative strategies. Exponential change requires waking up to a new you and illuminating your ambitions. Are you the conscious leader and visionary necessary to navigate the ever-changing world? Do you possess the courage to bring your authentic self into the boardroom and the bedroom? Are you living true to the real you? Do your employees feel your passion? Are you operating from a position of love, compassion and understanding? Do you realize that integrity and ethics can prosper in the same room as profits and shareholder value? Are you happy?

With over three decades of executive coaching, training and performance consulting from across several industries, Michael appreciates and shares with his listeners and clients an impassioned and experiential expertise that energizes and infuses groundbreaking results.

Sometimes referred to as the “Energy Manager” for his electric and powerful style, Michael brings a unique and engaging quality to his coaching, always centered on harnessing the very best in his clients. Michael is known for fusing his real-life stories with his conversational techniques to connect with his audience at an intimate, provocative and individual level. He embodies and instructs the power of humanness and genuine authenticity into the leadership vernacular. Michael’s exceptional presentation skills make his dynamic messages the inspired choice for memorable and entertaining keynote addresses, closes, seminars, lunches and meetings.

Michael has frontline executive leadership experience from across several industries, as a master certified corporate trainer and performance consultant. Michael has been an architect in building high-performance sales and service organizations with outstanding results. His book, entitled, Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles That WILL Change Your Business and Change Your Life, is the culmination of years of leadership experience offered as a wake-up call for leaders and organizations ready to gain consciousness.

If outstanding, superlative, differentiated, dynamic and remarkable are attributes you are looking for to power your organization or to improve your leadership impact, Michael is your answer. If consciousness, understanding, compassion and love are human qualities you seek, let Michael be your coach and guide. The choice is yours to make.

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Interview Questions

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What does the term “Conscious Leadership” mean?

“Conscious Leadership” supposes an opposition to “unconscious leadership,” or that, which is on autopilot, without ‘awareness’ of oneself or those one leads and serves.  Consciousness provides an opportunity to do things differently. A “Conscious Leader” is better able to demonstrate empathy, compassion, love, and other attributes that coalesce others to follow.

Where can these concepts be applied in everyday life?

The principles are aptly applied across a wide array of professional and personal applications. Leaders include parents, educators, community and civic leaders; and anyone who coalesces others’ talents, energies, collaborations, and behaviors to achieve a goal. The principles offer everyone valuable lessons in not only improving one’s life and reality but affecting everyone around him/her.

How are you qualified to teach on this topic?

After 3+ decades in corporate America, I realized I was living below my potential. My life coach and I explored this topic. My MA program in Transpersonal Leadership brought me to a crossroad of applying these principles in my career. For several years, I have led a large employee base utilizing the principles and realizing compelling results.

What can people truly expect to learn about change from your work? Do you inform or are you more of a practical Change Agent?

With slight changes in the dance steps, leaders learn a greater power than previously known— connecting with employees and customers in a focused and genuine manner. Living true is a choice. I am a vocal evangelist and practical magic maker, inspirational speaker, author and performance consultant able to identify and train others. I am the ignition switch to this transformation.

Where have you currently implemented this in the world?

This approach has been implemented in my work with Bank of America in Atlanta and Los Angeles as well as within my family and all my interpersonal relationships.  This is a way of living.  Our lives are not a dress rehearsal.  This is the real deal. It’s time to wake-up.

Which of your 7 principles do you find the hardest to implement in your own life?

‘Be a Risk-Taker’ is most challenging for it calls into question a pivotal driving force called- fear. Leaders are fear-crippled to share honest feelings, lest they be classified a naysayer or troublemaker. It’s risky business being a risk-taker. Fear has many faces. Living conscious to the impacts of fear requires courage, trust and integrity.

Which principle do others struggle with the most from your experience & why?

Be a peace-builder: quell the fires within presents struggle for most. We are oblivious to deeply held firm belief systems, our pain points from past injuries/disappointments, prejudices and biases and unresolved issues. Our professional lives are internally scarred by the fires that continue to rage within. The real you can’t come out unless you extinguish the fires.

How long do these concepts take to begin to notice the changes in people’s lives?

What you put out comes back. Living from a state of consciousness gives the opportunity to live life by taking charge. You immediately know a difference in yourself and in those with whom you interact. Operating from these principles brings about an energetic flow that is connective and attractive, not shut off and negative. Everyone benefits.

Are they permanent changes of a sort or do they need to be practiced every day, like ‘healthy eating’?

It takes practice and commitment to live consciously. Our society, with its attention to win-lose philosophy, does not easily support conscious leadership because it potentially challenges the status quot, calling for honesty, integrity, ethics, love and compassion— not exactly how mainstream defines success, but once the decision is made it becomes second-nature.

How do you help people in ways that others who claim to offer these concepts don’t or can’t?

I offer extensive experience and proven results using these methods while working for a major corporation. Also, I do not espouse changing a company’s practices or procedures. What I offer works within your existing structure—-working from the inside out. What you do is important but HOW you do what you do is the transformative magic.

What is the first step to implementing these principles?

WAKE UP! In many companies it’s taboo to speak in terms of love and compassion. The closest I have experienced is the term, ‘purity of intent.’ The time is now to stop the false dialogue that refuses to recognize that honestly caring for those you lead and serve means engaging them from a perspective of love, compassion and understanding.