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Are you living true to your passions and purpose? Are your personal and intimate relationships life fulfilling and loving?

You need a plan.


Tired of the same old version of a leadership message wrapped up in different paper and bows? Ignite your business, your employees, and your customers with Michael’s powerful and dynamic call to action.

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With over three decades of professional executive leadership, transform your organization and empower your associates to be INCREDIBLE. Michael delivers compelling results.

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Conscious Leadership: 7 Principles That WILL Change Your Business and Change Your Life, offers leaders from across the spectrum, valuable and insightful practices to drive differentiated performance.


Conscious Leadership

Wake Up
& Take Control of Your Life!

Stop the incessant rote pattern of your life, both personally and professionally. Switch off the autopilot and take control of the journey!

Are You Living True to Your
Higher Purpose and Passions?

Most human beings are living well below their individual and collective capacity. Scientifically, we know that only small portions of our brains are in use. Do you let FEAR rule your life? What happened to the dreams you had when you were younger? Where did your enthusiasm for life go? Recapture the magic of living fully self-expressed & joyful!

Stop Enduring Your Life and
Choose to Be Magnificent!

We become confused by our false egos, persistently nagging, chiding, cautioning and falsely limiting us from living to our true and divine nature. Learn to separate the incessant voice telling you to ‘be careful,’ ‘don’t do that,’ and ‘oh no, what if they find out who I really am?’- Start owning your rightful place in our world. You have the power to be INCREDIBLE!

Are You a Leader?

Leadership is ubiquitous, encompassing parents, grandparents, educators, ministry, community and social justice advocates, the arts, medical professionals, and anyone who connects with others. These are the many faces of leaders. From small to large they all have one thing in common: the human connection. At the heart of living are human relationships.

Be Amazing!

Don’t let the ‘Dark Side’ pull you into its seduction. The ‘Force’ is indeed with you when you switch on your consciousness. Be the unique and wonderful human being you are!

Consciousness is a Choice!

When you become aware of being aware, you have stepped into consciousness. And in this state of presence, different choices can be made that not only shed light in your life, but illuminate those you love, lead and serve.

Conscious Leaders Embody
Living in the Present.

Human interactions, while spanning the gamut from one-on-one to large audiences, engage us in living in the moment. After all, this is the only place that life is actually lived, the present. Successful and dynamic organizations understand and espouse practices that acknowledge and build a culture of genuine & authentic customer engagement. Employees need this same level of presence from their leaders just as children will thrive if parents are present and conscious.

Energize your Life, Energize
Your Business!

As human beings, we are super electronic microprocessors outputting electric energy to our external world. Choose the energy you want to manifest. Positive energy attracts the same, just as negative energy seeks companion with lower frequencies. Understand and embrace your most positive energetic self!

Conscious Leadership: The Book

Lighting the light from within to attain a life centered in passion.

7 Principles that Will Change
Your Business & Change Your Life

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Be the Real You

Be a Peace-

Be Present

Be a Risk

Be a

Be a Love

Be a Servant

  • WAKE UP:

    Time to smell the coffee!


    Humans need other humans!


    We are more than body and mind!


    The right people on the right bus going
    in the right direction!


    Stop living a mediocre life! Start TODAY!


    May the FORCE be with you!


    This thing called “life” is not a dress rehearsal. This is the REAL DEAL!

  • MOVE:

    From remote “autopilot” management to energized & dynamic
    conscious leadership.


    Your passions! The 7 Principles will ignite your unique passions
    & significantly enliven your human connections.

  • GAIN:

    Control of your life! A must read for anyone who wants more out
    of their life. Leaders, board members, educators, parents, spouses,
    partners, community organizers, clergy, and anyone who connects
    with others to accomplish goals all benefit from this book.

  • SHED:

    The limitations of FEAR! Step into your powerful and amazing self.

Conscious Clients

Are You Living Fully Engaged?

Tired of ENDURING your life?
How deep is your RUT? Are
you ready to make a

  • Are you living fully engaged?
  • Are your professional pursuits aligned with your core values?
  • Do your primary relationships have love, compassion and understanding at the center?

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Living life IS NOT a dress rehearsal. This IS the real deal. You have the power to illuminate your ambitions by choosing a pathway to unlimited potential and abundance. You CAN live fully engaged and filled with love.

Your unique I AM is the divine essential part of who you really are. You can live life like a child at play, unfiltered and free. The choice is yours.


Male domination has ruled for many millennia. Looking at our world, how are the men doing? Don’t you think it’s time the women took control?